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Ballard Sessions #22


I met Erin Rae last October when she was passing through Seattle to visit Amanda before heading home to Nashville, so it was a double bonus to shoot a Ballard Session with both of them this time around. The triple bonus will be getting out to Nashville later this summer, hopefully, to shoot some sessions with Erin Rae & her musical friends!


The basement laundry room in Amanda’s apartment has amazing acoustics, and she and several of her other musical neighbors are known to practice there, so it seemed a logical place for a Ballard Session (and photo shoot, as it would have it). The downside of this is that the photographer was one whose work I greatly admire, and in my flustered state I forgot to record the audio for the best take. This one is still amazing, but alas, what might have been!)

~ by Tos on April 22, 2012.

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