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Ballard Sessions #11


Most Ballard Sessions happen after dark, but Naomi requested we shoot when it was still light and I’m so glad she did. I’m not sure whether it is the evening sun or singing about Africa that is making her glow more.


I’d shot a Ballard Session with just Sean a couple months back, so I was excited to shoot him with the rest of his band. I was disappointed when I saw that the parking garage up the street from Conor Byrne had just been demolished, as its colorful old walls and interesting acoustics made it ideal for a Ballard Session. Turns out, the demolished site was even better!


The band was in town after a long stretch of touring, so I was inclined to just let Jon and Josiah have beers with their friends at the Byrne in peace, but Jonas was with me tonight to help with sound and he’s much less worried about hearing “No” than I seem to be. And what do you know, they said “Yes”.


~ by Tos on August 21, 2011.

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